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Pay your rent via PBS

Here you can register directly for PBS - if you would like your bank connection to automatically pay your rent every month.

The form is only available in Danish, and thus a brief explanation of the information you have to fill in, may be required, please see below:

Dan. Text:


Write or Where to find:



Your name

Adresse Address Your adress

Zip Code/City

Your zip code/city
Land Country Danmark
CPR-nr. Civil registration number Your birthday + reg. nr.
Reg.nr. Bank registration number Your bank reg. number
Kontonr. Account number Your bank account number
Lejemålsnr. Tenancy number To be found on your giro form
PBS-nr. Bank code To be found on your giro form
Deb.grp.nr. Debtor group number To be found on your giro form

Use this link to jump directly to the on-line registration for PBS

or e-mail to the office and we will be happy to do it for you.