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Park-kollegiet is situated Augustenborg Landevej 77, Sønderborg and was modified and partly newly-built in 1986-87.

Park-kollegiet consists of one 2 storey-building, one 3 storey-building and wall-to-wall houses with a total of:

  • 66 1-room accommodations (19-29m² net)
  • 3 1½-room accommodations (30m² net)

All accommodations have separate kitchen with hotplates, cooker hoods, and freezer/refrigerator and separate shower and lavatory.

All accommodations are unfurnished, but equipped with window blinds, lamps and notice boards.

All dormitories now have the possibility to receive free TV-channels from DR ( the Danish TV channel ) and some german channels. If you wish to have more TV channels you must make an agreement yourself with a provider of TV-channels, for instance Boxer, Yousee, Stofa etc.

A telephone- and data network including internet connection, with a calling time/ on-time free of charge, has been installed in all accommodations. The net is linked to the other halls of accommodations.

Email the janitor


We hereby inform you that Park-kollegiet will be closed down during Autumn 2018.

However, until Autumn 2018 the dormitory will work optimally - and as usual.

All students at Park-kollegiet will in due time be offered another accommodation at one of the other dormitories in Sønderborg.

Kollegiernes Kontor guarantee to offer a new accommodation at one of the other dormitories in Sønderborg to all students living at Park-kollegiet - and that it will not cause double rent for the student, when moving from one dormitory to another in this specific situation.